Coaching a Successful Team

Strategic Techniques to Inspire Your Team


Supervisors and managers who want to develop a dynamic and effective coaching style find this workshop invaluable. Participants draw upon their leadership experiences and knowledge of human relations to create new and powerful coaching strategies throughout the workshop. Also, participants identify and practice several coaching techniques to enhance their own professional coaching style as they nurture the growth of their team.


Participants in Coaching a Successful Team will demonstrate their understanding of the difference between coaching and mentoring. Participants will also augment their supervisory and managerial role by employing numerous proven and easy-to-implement coaching methods. Additionally, participants will develop a personalized coaching style that reflects preparation, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness.


  • Making the transition from mentoring to coaching
  • Defining your unique coaching style
  • Enhancing your coaching role with active listening skills
  • Analyzing key work motivators of employees from different generations
  • Refining your coaching tools for greater morale and teamwork
  • Using imaginative approaches to inspire your team—and yourself!
  • Providing honest, constructive, and timely feedback to your team
  • Planning and negotiating performance goals with your team members
  • Facilitating a responsive workplace through effective coaching
  • Welcoming change as a challenge—and as an opportunity!
  • Expanding and maximizing your role as coach of your team

Who Should Attend

Managers; supervisors; department, unit, or division heads; team leaders; and other professionals whose major responsibilities include supervising groups of employees



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