Get a Grip on Grammar

Vital Language Skills for Today's Workplace


This lively, practical, and informative onsite workshop is a thorough review of vocabulary, punctuation, language usage, and other essential language topics. Get a Grip on Grammar addresses the most common grammatical problems faced by today's business professionals. This workshop will convince you that, whatever your profession, learning grammar can be fun, relevant, and enlightening!



Participants will identify and correct common punctuation mistakes in business correspondence, enhance their vocabulary skills for precise word choices, and improve their language usage in both written and oral communication. Most of all, participants will demonstrate greater confidence in using correct grammar in all of their speaking and writing.


  • Using appropriate punctuation marks for greater clarity and impact*
  • Creating smooth and effective sentence structure *
  • Building a strong grammatical foundation for error-free and forceful sentences*
  • Developing handy techniques for accurate spelling *
  • Identifying special problems in pronoun usage
  • Spotting  errors in subject and verb agreement
  • Employing absolute adjectives correctly
  • Exploring the grammatical confusion created by double negatives
  • Knowing when to use adjectives or adverbs--and why
  •  Avoiding misplaced and dangling modifiers
  • Applying the eight parts of speech effectively
  • Capitalizing words, phrases, titles, and abbreviations properly
  • Distinguishing between commonly confused words for clearer communication
  • Maintaining your competitive edge with proper and powerful oral communication


"The response from the course participants was overwhelmingly positive. Your patience and willingness to accommodate the individual learner helped to create a safe learning environment where the employees felt comfortable and confident to participate."


Julie Berg, Human Resource Development Consultant, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota


    Who Should Attend

Managers, supervisors, customer service representatives, sales and marketing professionals, executive assistants, engineers, information technology professionals, project managers, manufacturing operations personnel, quality assurance professionals, and anyone concerned with writing more effective and refreshing business e-mails, letters, and reports.

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