Mastering the Art of Presentation

You Can Quote Me on This


Professionals in this highly participatory workshop gain greater confidence in their presentation skills by capitalizing on a personal delivery style. This program is extremely helpful for anyone who must speak with clarity and conviction before small or large groups in a variety of settings. From preparation to presentation, this course focuses on public speaking that is as articulate as it is organized—and as powerful as it is informative.


"Thank you... for your extraordinary seminar, Mastering the Art of Presentation, which has been given several times over the last few years.

"Your thorough research of our company's culture, products, and ongoing projects makes the content of the course relevant to the needs of our employees and makes you stand out as the best of the best in your industry. In fact, the courses are customized in such a way that the participants are always shocked to learn that you are not a Chamberlain employee. If only all trainers were as professional and prepared as you always are!"

Tamara Brown, Manager, Employee  Relations, The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

In Mastering the Art of Presentation, participants will prepare and organize presentations in a logical, forceful, and refreshing way. They will practice sound presentation skills to stimulate and motivate their audiences. This program will provide participants with numerous techniques to organize and deliver all of their presentations with greater clarity, originality, and conviction. Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be much more confident and enthusiastic whenever they make a presentation.


  • Identifying the six key elements of a solid presentation
  • Analyzing your audience
  • Focusing on one main idea
  • Organizing your presentation with clarity, force, and imagination
  • Making your statistics sizzle
  • Enhancing interaction between you and your audience
  • Defining and refining your unique presentation style
  • Reviving dry material with quotations, anecdotes, and other creative strategies
  • Turning stage fright into positive energy
  • Handling Power Point and other technology effectively and creatively
  • Avoiding common pitfalls in language usage
  • Hosting a successful question and answer session

    Who Should Attend

Managers, supervisors, sales and marketing professionals, human resources professionals, engineers, information technology professionals, project managers, manufacturing operations personnel, training specialists, quality assurance professionals, and those who want to convey a more polished and professional public speaking style

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