Motivating Others in a Changing Workplace

Increasing Your Team's Effectiveness and Morale


When supervisors and managers—especially those new in their roles—attend this workshop, they first discover ways to empower themselves so they can achieve both personal and professional goals. Participants then learn winning techniques to motivate their teams in practical and exciting ways. Through relevant role-playing activities, participants further learn to resolve conflicts in today's complex and changing workplace. Supervisors and managers are certain to leave this workshop equipped with many innovative tools to implement a more stress-free and spirited work environment.


"Change is difficult for any organization to undertake; we certainly have had our share! Thanks to your workshop... we now have more tools to build a stronger team in the process."

Nancy K. Phillips, Director of Operations, Christopher House

Participants will acquire the tools of self-motivation to attain both personal and professional goals. Participants will also assess the needs and interests of their team members and create appropriate action plans for overcoming the obstacles of change. Equally important, participants will develop critical anger management skills to resolve workplace issues in a fair and timely manner.


  • Understanding the human values that affect team effort
  • Learning why change bothers and frustrates us
  • Examining recent changes in your workplace
  • Making change profitable for your colleagues and customers
  • Fulfilling the five basic psychological needs of your team members
  • Using positive communication approaches for better results
  • Creating a healthy, productive, and enjoyable work environment
  • Resolving conflicts among your team members
  • Adopting a work style that is comfortable and effective for you and your team
  • Avoiding the ten pitfalls of communication in a changing work environment

    Who Should Attend

Managers, department heads, and supervisors who seek new tools to increase morale, productivity, and cohesiveness within their organizations

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