Perfecting Your Project Leadership

Leading Your Project Team to Success

Perfecting Your Project Leadership is an exciting new workshop for project leaders who are seeking better ways to ensure successful and problem-free projects. This highly interactive workshop focuses on the indispensable  areas of organization, communication, and leadership to make certain participants succeed as project leaders. In addition, this workshop describes essential scheduling techniques that aid a project in moving from planning stage to successful completion. Participants in Perfecting Your Project Leadership will find this workshop both inspirational and relevant as they acquire several practical tools to lead outstanding projects.



I have a certificate in Project Management. However, the project management classes show you how to manage the project. They do not show you how to LEAD a project. This class gave me the skills and knowledge needed to LEAD the projects which I will be managing.


Now that I know the methodology for managing projects, I will use the knowledge I gained from today's class in order to provide the hands-on leadership needed when running a project.


Ingrid Dibbles, Project Manager




 The Basics

  • Introducing vital project leadership concepts
  • Developing project teams with sound leadership
  • Establishing the framework for managing projects
  • Setting objectives, goals, and action plans
  • Eliminating common pitfalls of project management
  • Planning projects and documenting their progress
  • Splitting  projects into manageable tasks
  • Creating quality guidelines that work
  • Assessing time constraints, costs, and resources of projects
  • Delegating project tasks in a practical and equitable manner

 The Project Schedule

  • Understanding scheduling techniques
  • Controlling and allocating resources
  • Selling the goals of your projects to team members

Controlling Your Project

  • Using feedback systems to maintain control
  • Measuring the progress of your projects
  • Using project status reports effectively
  • Evaluating the success of your projects upon their completion


Project leaders in the engineering, information technology, finance and accounting, procurement, nonprofit, and manufacturing fields

 Who Should Attend





Participants will acquire the critical tools to manage their projects and team members successfully with improved organization, understanding, and resourcefulness. Participants will also reinforce key leadership principles to build effective and cohesive project teams. Upon completion of this workshop, participants will clearly demonstrate sound and easy-to-use project analysis methods to evaluate all of their project goals and objectives .

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