Profiting from a Diverse Workforce

Solid Strategies for Creating Cohesive Teams


"Your program provided our staff with both valuable and practical tools that have enabled all of us to work more cohesively within the organization. More important, Profiting from a Diverse Workforce taught all participants to capitalize on the varied backgrounds, work styles, and personalities that form the core of Chicago Youth Centers."


Laticia Palm, Director of
Personnel, Chicago Youth






This timely, hands-on workshop encourages participants to develop management strategies that demonstrate respect and sensitivity for team members. Participants use stimulating role-playing situations and group activities to grasp the broad implications and benefits of a diverse workforce. Nontraditional leadership, individual differences, cultural backgrounds of coworkers, and prejudices that affect workplace performance are among the critical topics addressed during this energizing workshop.


Participants in Profiting from a Diverse Workforce will apply many powerful tools to identify and overcome potential barriers that hinder productivity and cohesiveness in a diverse workplace. Equally important, participants will become more effective and empathetic listeners in their quest to build a more courteous, comfortable, and productive workplace. Participants will ultimately acquire a number of  approaches to build and enhance teams whose outstanding trademarks are mutual respect, shared goals, and individual expression


  • Embracing the five hallmarks of healthy, progressive, and culturally diverse teams
  • Analyzing diversity trends in the American workplace
  • Understanding the values and attitudes of your team members
  • Removing roadblocks to greater diversity in your workplace
  • Developing strategies for a healthy, harmonious, and diverse team
  • Respecting the cultural values of your coworkers
  • Adopting new attitudes within your work environment
  • Capitalizing on the individual differences of your team members
  • Building cultural bridges among those on your team
  • Tapping the strengths of all employees to achieve your organization's goals
  • Celebrating the benefits of a diverse workforce

    Who Should Attend

Executives, managers, supervisors, department heads, hospitality professionals, government officials, airline personnel, attorneys, information technology professionals, manufacturing personnel, and teams facing new challenges in diversity



This workshop can be adapted to suit the needs and interests of either management or support groups. Programs can be further tailored in response to your organization's specific challenges.

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