Sound Advice for Successful Writing

Creating Powerful E-Mails and Letters in Today's Workplace


This widely acclaimed onsite workshop improves the business communication of professionals who need to create more effective and energetic business e-mails and letters. The six powerful steps covered in our Sound Advice for Successful Writing workshop enable participants to write with greater ease, organization, and confidence. Additionally, valuable hands-on exercises reinforce distinct writing concepts during each step.  Participants leave this workshop with essential tools to generate correct and cultivated business e-mails and letters that focus on the needs, interests, and expectations of their readers.


"Thank you for the outstanding Sound Advice for Successful Writing seminar recently presented to our sales employees...."

"I had been considering other vendors prior to deciding on your program. I knew I made the right decision as soon as we began working together to prepare for the seminar. Your preparation and professionalism was top notch. The positive feedback from our sales employees further emphasized the tremendous impact of the seminar...."


Denise Macyauski, Human Assets and Learning Manager, AT&T


Sound Advice for Successful Writing will strengthen the business writing and editing skills of professionals who already have a strong grasp of grammar.* Workshop participants will adopt the you viewpoint of writing to ensure clear, correct, and dynamic business correspondence. Moreover, participants will compose refreshing and effective e-mails and letters that readily engage and motivate their readers. Finally, participants will develop business writing practices reflecting greater confidence, organization, and professionalism.


  • Analyzing your business writing audience for greater success
  • Setting the appropriate tone at the beginning of your correspondence.
  • Capturing your reader's attention with the you viewpoint
  • Focusing on the main idea while expressing your personality
  • Delivering your message clearly, concisely, and diplomatically
  • Eliminating clich├ęs, redundant expressions, and technical jargon
  • Avoiding run-on and incomplete sentences
  • Employing the active voice for more forceful business writing
  • Grabbing attention with dynamic openings and closings
  • Motivating your reader in every business e-mail and letter
  • Editing your business writing for accuracy and expressiveness

Managers, supervisors, customer service representatives, sales and marketing professionals, executive assistants, engineers, information technology professionals, project managers, manufacturing operations personnel, quality assurance professionals, and anyone concerned with writing more effective and refreshing business e-mails, letters, and reports.



NOTE: Formerly Get a Grip on Business Writing

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