Creating a Dynamic Team with Sound Supervision


This highly innovative and interactive workshop provides the essential tools needed by new and seasoned supervisors. The three vital components of Supervising Successfully—management, communication, and project leadership—emphasize the critical role supervisors play in today’s increasingly diverse and global workplace. Furthermore, Supervising Successfully assures the professional growth of both supervisors and their staffs as they work together to achieve common goals and greater productivity.

"During the past several years, Corporate Classrooms has presented its outstanding Supervising Successfully workshop to numerous groups of Marriott managers. This highly interactive program—with its emphasis on leadership, communication, and project management—has been enthusiastically received by our employees. Our managers have continually praised this workshop for its relevance, practicality, and value in improving their day-to-day work performance and interactions with both staff members and guests."


Dee Elliot, Events Planner, Marriott Corporation


In this workshop, supervisors will maximize their potential to be dynamic communicators, leaders, and managers. Participants will become more effective in stimulating and nurturing the teams who report to them. Additionally, participants will acquire several tools to coordinate and implement both small and large work activities in a timely, diplomatic, and cost-effective manner.


Introduction: Defining your supervisory role

Part One: Management

  • Supervising, motivating, and rewarding your employees with sensitivity and empathy
  • Increasing the productivity of your staff and the profits of your company *
  • Delegating your work responsibilities diplomatically, efficiently, and fairly
  • Demonstrating tact and respect as you work with difficult employees and colleagues
  • Interacting successfully with demanding bosses *
  • Resolving discipline problems calmly and quickly
  • Conducting outstanding performance appraisal interviews
  • Hiring and firing employees for your benefit—and theirs *

Part Two: Communication

  • Communicating competently and confidently with your staff
  • Speaking productively and listening accurately *
  • Writing clearly, professionally, and precisely *
  • Selling your ideas to employees and other supervisors in original and powerful ways *
  • Hosting organized, enthusiastic, and successful meetings *

Part Three: Project Leadership

  • Managing your time economically, effectively, and effortlessly
  • Setting and meeting your goals as a supervisor *
  • Organizing and managing projects thoroughly and professionally
  • Making sound and sensible day-to-day decisions *
  • Enhancing your leadership skills for even greater success

    Who Should Attend

New supervisors in any field or seasoned supervisors who wish to enhance and refine their supervisory skills.

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